Welcome NIH Researchers!

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has formed an agreement with ChemNavigator to provide the NIH with a current and comprehensive database of commercially accessible drug discovery screening compounds to be made available to all NIH researchers. ChemNavigator is pleased to serve NIH affiliated scientific researchers in compound sample procurement. As an NIH researcher, you have full access to use the iResearch System. All you need to do is take a few minutes to register in the system. Then you will be able to perform chemical structure searches for compound samples of interest and purchase these samples through this on-line system.

NEW ANNOUNCEMENT: A Semi-Custom Synthesis Online Request System (SCSORS) is being implemented. Its basic functionality is available now. Instructions on how to submit SCSORS request can be found here.

The following sections provide additional information on how to get started using ChemNavigator's products and services to find and procure chemistry samples.

What is the iResearch System?
The iResearch™ System is the largest chemical-structure search, comparison, and indexing system offered as an Internet-based application, providing immediate access to information important to early stage pharmaceutical research.

The iResearch System provides access to the iResearch™ Library of commercial screening compounds and our other Chemical Structure Databases, which offer information on biological activity, clinical status, journal articles, and patent information. Using a single search, you can search all databases for structures of interest, compare commercial compounds to biological data and customize compound selection for your specific project.

The iResearch System provides all information to assist in selection of compounds and ordering compound samples. Through this NIH program you can use ChemNavigator's Procurement Service to purchase compounds and have them delivered directly to your research facility.

How to register in the iResearch System
Registering to use the iResearch System is easy. Just use the link below to access ChemNavigator's standard registration form. Once you fill out this form, a limited iResearch System account will be created for your use. Within 24 hours, ChemNavigator will confirm your status as an NIH affiliated researcher and grant full search, review and purchase capabilities to your account.

Register by clicking here.

Guidelines for purchasing compound samples for NIH researchers
Purchasing compound samples through the iResearch System using ChemNavigator's Chemistry Procurement Service is a three-step process.
Step 1: Sample Selection
First, use the iResearch System Result Browser to identify samples of interest and request a quotation for the purchase of those samples.

Helpful hint - pay attention to the Sample Collection in which a sample resides. This provides an indication of how difficult a sample will be to procure.

Step 2: Availability Check and Electronic Quotation
Once ChemNavigator receives your request for quotation, we will check the current availability for each sample at the mass, purity, and packaging you require. We will send you an electronic quotation that outlines all fees for procuring samples that are from your list and meet your specifications.

Orders for chemistry sample procurement may be processed using your government purchase card or by a separate purchase order based on the guidelines of your local department or research institute. See each quotation for sample prices, delivery times, payment terms, and any other terms of purchase.

Step 3: Order and Delivery
Once you are satisfied with your quotation and have secured local approval to issue an order, send ChemNavigator your signed quotation including the appropriate purchase card or purchase order information. ChemNavigator will process your sample order and place orders for the samples from the various suppliers. Your samples will be collected at ChemNavigator and, when ready, shipped as one shipment to your receiving address.

Important Notes:
Sample delivery can occur in as little as 2 weeks and up to 6 months depending on the status of the samples and terms of the purchase agreement.

Minimum order fees will apply to sample purchases made through ChemNavigator. Be sure to check your quotation for any minimum fees that may apply and / or check with a ChemNavigator representative to learn how to optimize your purchase and save money.

NIH Program Contacts
If you have questions please use the following contacts:

For NIH program access and purchasing related questions:
Marc C. Nicklaus, Ph.D.
Head, Computer-Aided Drug Design Group, Chemical Biology Laboratory
Center for Cancer Research, NCI, NIH
Building 376, Rm. 207
Frederick, MD 21702
Office: 301-846-5903
Email: mn1@helix.nih.gov

For iResearch System Questions & Support:
contact us here.
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