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At ChemNavigator® we help research organizations identify and procure the chemistry they need for drug discovery and agrochemical research.

We partner with chemistry product and service suppliers from around the world to help our joint customers. We appreciate your interest in participating as a Supplier Partner in the iResearch System. The sections below provide support information on how to work with ChemNavigator.

Please contact us if you have any questions or comments about working with ChemNavigator and how we can help improve your business.

About ChemNavigator Procurement Projects
ChemNavigator offers a Chemistry Procurement Service to our iResearch subscribers. Under this service we purchase chemical samples and other chemical products on behalf of our subscribers. Our subscribers use this service as a strategy to make complicated purchases of multiple chemical products from multiple sources. As a Supplier Partner we would like you to be aware of the following points about our procurement service.

1. STOCK INQUIRIES - Before making a purchase from you we will first send you a "STOCK INQUIRY". This is a request for availability and price for a specific set of products from your inventory. If you require any shipping, administrative, minimum order, or other special fees they must be included in your STOCK INQUIRY response. We include the information you provide in a procurement proposal to our subscriber.

2. CART Numbers - Every procurement project we manage is identified by a 5 digit CART number. Please include the CART Number in any business correspondence with ChemNavigator.

3. ORDERS - When our subscriber has accepted a proposal, we will then place orders with you for the chemical products. All ChemNavigator orders are placed via electronic mail. All orders include specific terms that are based upon information from your response to our STOCK INQUIRY.
Order terms will include:
   - Minimum Allowable % Purity
   - Required Shipment Window
   - Number of shipments allowed
   - Requirements for sample documentation on identify and purity claims
   - Requirements for sample packaging.

Important note on sample packaging: ChemNavigator subscribers may require that sample be placed in their specific sample vessels. We will alert you to any special sample vial requirements in our STOCK INQUIRY. If you will incur additional expenses to use our subscriber's sample vials, include this fee in your STOCK INQUIRY response.

Every ORDER sent to you by ChemNavigator will include specific directions on what type vial the samples must be placed in. Unless ChemNavigator has agreed in advance of your shipment, we cannot accept and will not pay for samples shipped in improper vials.

4. INVOICES - ChemNavigator must receive an invoice from your company.
Your invoice must include:
   - The ChemNavigator purchase order number(s)
   - The Airway Bill Number (shippers tracking number) for your shipment.
   - The number of samples for each purchase order number included on your invoice.
   - Any special shipping & handling, administrative, minimum order or other fees (so long as these fees were included in your STOCK INQUIRY response).
   - All invoices must be mailed, faxed or emailed to: ChemNavigator, Inc, Attn: Accounts Payable.
   - Invoice must be received within 120 days of receipt of compounds.

Please note: Invoices included with the shipment are not forwarded to the accounts payable department. Invoices must be sent to: ChemNavigator, Inc: Attn Accounts Payable, in order to receive payment.
5. PAYMENT - ChemNavigator will make every effort to make payment on your invoice in a timely fashion. We produce checks and make wire transfers on the 15th and 30th of every month. We make payment on all due invoices at that time.

Important payment notes for wire transfers: We will make payment by wire transfer or check based upon your company's request. Your company must accept any wire transfer or check processing fees. For wire transfers, we must have valid wire transfer data for your company on each invoice. We strongly suggest that your company group small invoices together in order to minimize the funds lost to wire transfer or check process fees by your bank.

Thank you for working with ChemNavigator to support our joint clients. Please direct any questions about chemistry procurement projects to Remember to include the CART Number in your correspondence.

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