Supplier Product Listing Agreement

ChemNavigator, Inc. is pleased to include your chemical products in the iResearch™ Library via our On-line iResearch System and through distribution of the iResearch Library database on CD/DVD ROM to our customers. Please review the following terms and conditions for listing your chemical products with us.

There are no fees for listing your chemical products in the iResearch Library.

Product Listing:
  • ChemNavigator agrees to list Supplier's chemical products, as described below in Supplier's Products Description, in the iResearch Library.
  • ChemNavigator will assign ChemNavigator tracking numbers to Supplier's Products and place Supplier's Products in the iResearch Library.
ChemNavigator Client Information Requests:
  • When ChemNavigator Clients request to purchase Supplier's Products through ChemNavigator ("Client Requests"), ChemNavigator will contact Supplier with a list of Supplier's sample ID numbers so that Supplier may confirm actual availability of Supplier's Products.
  • Unless otherwise agreed to in writing, Supplier must respond to Client Request with each Product's availability within two of Supplier's business days after receiving the Client Request from ChemNavigator.
  • When ChemNavigator Clients choose to contact Supplier directly for price and availability information, Supplier agrees to respond directly to each Client within two business days after receiving the request.

Supplier acknowledges and agrees that ChemNavigator has no direct or indirect control with respect to the manufacture or use or shipment by Supplier of any Supplier's Products. In addition, Supplier acknowledges that ChemNavigator is merely acting as a merchandise broker on behalf of Supplier by offering Supplier's Products for purchase by ChemNavigator Client(s). Supplier grants ChemNavigator the right to publicly display Supplier's Product information and include Supplier's Product information in ChemNavigator products. ChemNavigator reserves the right remove Supplier information from the ChemNavigator web site or the iResearch Library at any time.

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