Virtual Screening
ChemNavigator now offers a comprehensive set of virtual screening services. We have developed proprietary in silico screening technologies to apply in our client's research programs. This technology, 3DPL™ enables ChemNavigator to design a virtual screening program based upon a 3D model of the target protein.

In addition to our proprietary in silico screening technology ChemNavigator has developed a comprehensive database system called the iResearch Library that tacks many millions of drug-like compound samples that may be used in pharmaceutical research programs. We apply the iResearch Library within our virtual screening programs to identify inexpensive drug-like compound samples our clients can easily obtain and use in biological testing with no retained intellectual property entanglements.

Virtual Screening Collaborations We provide our research partners a strategy to cost effectively screen in silico many millions of drug-like samples for their research programs. Follow the link below to learn more about this technology.
  • 3DPL™ Technology:
    A new technology for Protein-Ligand based virtual screening. 3DPL uses rapid flexible 3D searching techniques to select compounds from millions o f structures likely to bind to a 3D protein target. Each compound is analyzed for potential binding to the entire protein surface so no active side definition is required.

Virtual Screening at your location
If you are interested in an on-site solution for your organization, ChemNavigator offers Virtual Screening tools that run on both Windows and Linux.

Learn more about how 3DPL can enhance your screening needs, by providing fast virtual screening to save you money and time.

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