Purchasing compounds from multiple suppliers across the globe is a complex and time-consuming project. To streamline this process, we offer extensive Chemistry procurement and cheminformatic data analysis services. When projects require a custom array of reagents, AldrichCPR can meet the challenge. Our packaging groups will custom pack products to your specifications.

AldrichCPR provides the following services:
  • Sourcing from Sigma Aldrich catalog products and supplier partners
  • Sourcing based on chemical structure or name
  • Verifying compound availability and price
  • Placing compound orders to multiple vendors
  • On-line order tracking
  • Verifying compounds upon delivery
  • Consolidation of samples prior to shipment to customer
  • Bar coding vials
  • Delivery in customer specified format
  • Normalizing data associated with compounds
  • Consolidating invoices
  • Chemical structure research and capture
If you have questions about our unique service or wish to request a quotation on a custom reagent or library set, please contact

Procurement Highlights
Chemists can easily select a diverse sets of samples from multiple sources without the hassle of tracking several invoices or managing shipments.

AldrichCPR works with over 301 suppliers from around the world, to provide quick and cost effective delivery of chemistry products.

Did you Know?
Did you know that you can have your chemistry selections delivered in your company's vials or plates. Contact us to discuss your chemistry procurement requirements.

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