How to Submit SCSORS Requests
Thank you for your interest in the SCSORS project! At this point the project is in its early stage of development so we welcome your input on how best to serve you and other NIH researchers in your search for unique chemistry. Please send your comments and/or requests to

The SCSORS request process will initially be managed through a series of documents and email communications facilitated by ChemNavigator's Procurement Services Group. Over the coming months we will add features to your on-line iResearch System Account a that allow you to easily define and request bids for custom chemistry projects. If you have interest in a custom chemistry project, please follow the steps below to form your request.

Step 1 - Become Registered in the iResearch System

If you do not have an on-line iResearch System Account, please register for an on-line account. In order to register, follow the link below to the registration pages.

If you already have an on-line iResearch System account please go to Step 2.

Step 2 - Check the current iResearch Library Listings

As part of the SCSORS project we will be expanding the iResearch Library to include millions of chemical substances that may be synthesized upon your request. As such, we may already have your substance of interest (or related substances) registered in the iResearch Library. You can look for your substance by performing structure searching in your iResearch System account.

To learn more about how to use the on-line iResearch System review the FastStart Guide fount at:

If you find your substances of interest, you can request a procurement proposal as outlined in the Fast Start Guide.

Step 3 - Send ChemNavigator Your Custom Request

If you cannot find your substance of interest in the on-line iResearch System, please enter your structure of interest in the Custom Chemistry Order page to begin your custom chemistry request. To access the Custom Order page select the Services link on the left hand navigation bar in your iResearch System account. You will see a link called "Custom Order". Select this link to load the Custom Chemistry Request page.

The Custom Chemistry Request page will require that you provide the chemical structure of your substance of interest. You may enter a single structure by using the chemical sketcher included on the request form. You may include multiple structures in your request by using the SD file upload link also included on the Custom Chemistry Request page.

Please use the request form to provide minimum purity and delivery specifications for your request. You may include other requirements and comments in the notes area of the form.

Once you enter your Custom Chemistry structure and data, a ChemNavigator representative will contact you at the email address registered in your iResearch System account to confirm we have your request.

If you have other electronic information such as scientific papers, structure drawings or descriptive documents you would like to provide ChemNavigator, you may send the files as an email attachment to

We will circulate your custom request to many suppliers and try to secure a custom synthesis proposal for your substance. This may take up to a week. Please be prepared to answer additional questions posed by potential suppliers regarding your request.

Thanks for using ChemNavigator's Services!

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