About the SCSORS Project
ChemNavigator® has extended its agreement with the National Cancer Institute (NCI), part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), to include the development of a new Semi-Custom Synthesis On-line Request System (SCSORS), funded mostly by NCI with additional financial support from the NIH Chemical Genomics Center (NCGC). The SCSORS agreement is lead by Dr. Marc Nicklaus' Computer Aided Drug Design (CADD) Group at the NCI.

The NIH consists of some of the world's leading life science research organizations, including the NCI and NCGC, housed at the National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI). Within these organizations, a number of groups of medicinal chemists work to synthesize new compounds that may lead to new treatments for diseases. The creation of new compounds is a slow and expensive process that forms a significant bottleneck in the basic pharmaceutical research process.

Because the NIH is seeking to speed the creation of new untested compounds to be used in its basic pharmaceutical research programs, and because the NIH would like to minimize the cost of acquiring compounds, the CADD Group, lead by Dr. Nicklaus in the Laboratory of Medicinal Chemistry at NCI-Frederick, formed an agreement with ChemNavigator, Inc. three years ago for license to use the iResearch Library (iRL) as a strategy to access world wide chemistry sources. This agreement was formed on behalf of the NCI and other NIH affiliated organization's pharmaceutical research programs, and was financially supported by NCGC with NIH Roadmap funds.

ChemNavigator's iRL provides a comprehensive source of information on available chemistry for pharmaceutical research. The iRL currently includes over 20 million chemical structures that represent approximately 40 million chemical samples and synthetic building blocks used in early drug discovery. Combined with ChemNavigator's Chemistry Procurement Service, the iRL provides NIH scientists a comprehensive strategy for identifying and procuring available chemical substances.

However, ChemNavigator believes the iRL covers only a small fraction of the potential chemical substances that could be secured from nearly a thousand commercial, academic, and government supplier sources around the world. The new SCSORS project will provide the NIH access to the world's supply of synthetic chemistry available for drug discovery.

Once fully formed, SCSORS will provide a strategy for all NIH scientists to circulate requests for specific chemical samples among thousands, if not tens of thousands, of synthetic chemists at suppliers registered in the system. Sample quantities will range from milligram up to kilogram scale requests. Suppliers will be provided tools that allow them to review these requests and make proposals to NIH scientists for the synthesis of substances.

It is expected that using the SCSORS strategy will allow the NIH to acquire chemical samples at less than 10% of the internal cost of synthesis while offering access to world wide chemical expertise and diversity.

Once fully implemented, SCSORS will become an archive of commercially accessible custom chemistry products for pharmaceutical research. It is expected that this database of commercially accessible substances will grow to over 250 million substances in the coming two years.

Chemistry suppliers interested in participating in the SCSORS project may contact ChemNavigator by emailing a message to CNC_Suppliers@sial.com.

In case you wondered how we pronounce SCSORS - we pronounce it like the word "scissors".

NIH Program Information
The New SCSORS Project (pronounced like "scissors") can help you acquire custom chemistry for your research program.

For NIH program access and purchasing related questions:
Marc C. Nicklaus, Ph.D.
Head, Computer-Aided Drug Design Group, Chemical Biology Laboratory
Center for Cancer Research, NCI, NIH
Building 376, Rm. 207
Frederick, MD 21702
Office: 301-846-5903
Email: mn1@helix.nih.gov

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