About The Chemistry Procurement Service
At ChemNavigator® we help research organizations identify and procure the chemistry they need for drug discovery and agrochemical research.

Purchasing compounds from multiple suppliers across the globe is a complex and time-consuming project. To streamline this process, we offer extensive Chemistry Procurement Services to clients who license a copy of our chemical structure databases, purchase a subscription to the iResearch™ System, or use our cheminformatics data analysis services.

The following section provides details on using the Chemistry Procurement Service. If you can not find the information you need, please Contact Us directly.

General Guidelines
The Chemistry Procurement Service is available only to iResearch Subscribers. ChemNavigator will work on your behalf to procure your samples in the most cost efficient manner from reliable chemistry suppliers. For details on the terms and conditions of ChemNavigator Chemistry Procurement, please read our standard Procurement Terms & Conditions.

Step 1 - Submit Your Procurement Request List.
Subscribers can submit procurement requests via the following methods:
  • Use your iResearch System Account - Requests may be submitted using the procurement request button in your on-line iResearch System account. This will send a message to ChemNavigator that you would like a procurement proposal for all selected samples in your current Search Result.
  • Send us a list - Requests may be submitted by sending an email to CNC_Orders@sial.com. Your email should include the ChemNavigator ID numbers of your samples of interest. Alternatively, you may attach a chemical structure file for analysis by ChemNavigator.
  • Step 2 - Review your Procurement Proposal
    Within 3 to 5 business days from your request, ChemNavigator will send you a procurement proposal. The proposal will include the following 3 electronic files:
  • Quotation - Your proposal will include a detailed price quotation for procurement of the samples in your request. Your quotation will include the cost of the samples, delivery times and minimum purity specification. In addition, your quotation will include all procurement fees and our estimate of shipping costs.
  • Chemical Structure File - Each proposal includes a chemical structure file in SD file format. This confirms the each exact chemical substance included in your proposal.
  • Excel Details File - Your proposal also includes and Excel table with the detailed cost, minimum purity, and shipping time for each sample in the proposal.
  • Click here to see an example quotation.

    Step 3 - Place Your Order
    Once you have reviewed your Chemistry Procurement Proposal, you may contact ChemNavigator at CNC_Orders@sial.com with any questions. You may add or remove samples as you see fit and ChemNavigator's Procurement Group will update your proposal accordingly.

    After the Procurement Proposal is adjusted to fit your specific needs, you may initiate the procurement project by signing your proposal in the space indicated. Then, fax this signed page to ChemNavigator here. Once we have your faxed order we will begin to place your orders with the suppliers and if necessary ship your special sample vials to each supplier so that samples can be delivered in your specific vials, tubes, or racks.

    Step 4 - Receive Your Samples
    After you have placed your order for procurement, ChemNavigator's Procurement Group will keep you informed as samples arrive in our San Diego facility. Once all your samples have arrived at ChemNavigator, we will place them in shipment boxes according to your specifications. We will create electronic files which document the samples to be shipped including detailed chemical structure files and box maps. ChemNavigator will ship the samples to your facility via Federal Express next day delivery. All electronic files are sent to you in advance of the samples so you are prepared to register your new samples.

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