iResearch™ System - Security Policy
At ChemNavigator, we appreciate your concerns about the security of your confidential online business transactions.

As an iResearch System member, you will undoubtedly wish to take advantage of many of our custom features such as order duplication and custom search preferences of the iResearch Library. Your information is stored on machines that maintain no direct connection to the Internet. This means that intruders would have to break through various protection mechanisms before ever gaining access to the machines themselves, which have yet further protection mechanisms.

The combination of encrypted online sessions and a secure computing infrastructure means that your information gets to us securely and stays that way once it is here.

ChemNavigator is ever vigilant about not only maintaining, but tightening the security in our systems.

ChemNavigator takes security measures to protect any information passed between our site and your computer during ordering sessions.

  1. We use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to encrypt the information you send us during a session. Our Certificate Authority is VeriSign, the leader in trusted Internet communications. From the moment you sign in to the iResearch System to the moment you leave, all data transferred between your browser and our servers is encrypted. This ensures that everything from your user name and password to your credit card/PO numbers and order details are never passed across the Internet "in the clear".

  2. We invite you to verify the status of our SSL certificate and the authenticity of our site. Click on the VeriSign Secure Site Seal to bring up the status in a popup window. (*Verisign requires you allow scripting in your browser to authenticate certificates. If you do not see a verisign image below, you must allow scripts in your browser or add the sites and to your trusted sites to verify authenticity.)


  3. To make sure you have the latest security features on your browser download and install the latest version and updates for your favorite browser, Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape Communicator.

  4. We encourage our members to select difficult to guess passwords which contain both letters and digits. We will NEVER contact you for your password. If that should appear to happen, please contact us immediately.

  5. Even after your data is stored on our servers, all databases are protected, with selected data fields scrambled within the database for further protection.

  6. Our employees are trained in the importance of protecting your data.

  7. We have built a secure computing infrastructure that provides high levels of physical, machine, application, and operating system security for data that resides in ChemNavigator databases.

More information about the iResearch System
The following links contain more information about aspects of the iResearch system, Please email us if you require further information.

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