We offer cheminformatics product solutions for the management, analysis, and virtual screening of large chemical databases. Just like many of our clients, we use our products on a daily basis for chemical analysis, virtual screening, and chemistry procurement. As such, we continually seek to improve our products. We would like to hear from you about new features and enhancements you require. If you would like to suggest specific enhancements to our products please contact us.

iResearch Library™
The iResearch Library is ChemNavigator's up-to-date compilation of commercially accessible screening compounds from international chemistry suppliers. The database currently tracks over 91.5 million chemical samples. Database licenses include access to regular updates, sourcing information, and ChemNavigator's optional Chemistry Procurement Service. The database may be licensed on CD/DVD ROM or accessed through an on-line iResearch System subscription.

On-line iResearch™ System
The iResearch System provides access to our iResearch Library of commercial screening compounds and other chemical structure databases. Using a single search, you can search all databases for structures of interest, and perform compound selection for your specific project and download result sets for use in your internal applications.

The iResearch System provides detailed information on all supplier sources for your selected compounds. You may use this information to order compounds directly from suppliers or, you can elect to use our optional Chemistry Procurement Service.

Product Downloads
Link to our download page to access windows and linux versions of our products.

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