Product Licensing Policies
At ChemNavigator our goal is to provide the highest quality scientific products under a flexible licensing policy that meets the needs of our diverse worldwide client base.

Commercial Organization Software and Database Licensing
Our products are designed to help pharmaceutical and agrochemical research organizations save time and money in the research process. Commercial organizations pay an annual fee for usage of our products. Software fee structures are available for a per-user, per-cpu and per-site requirements.

Non-Commercial & Academic Licensing
Our products are available to academic and educational research organizations at aggressively discounted prices as a strategy to give back to the scientific community that provides so much value to research programs around the world though scientific publication. Certain non-commercial research organizations may also qualify for discounts off of our pricing model.

In order for ChemNavigator to consider offering non-commercial or Academic usage discounts the research performed using our products must be released to the scientific community with no commercial rights attached.

Commercial Sub-licensing
Our cheminformatics technology and products may also be licensed for application within other commercial products under our Commercial Sublicense program.

Contact Us for more detailed product license information for your organization.

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