iResearch™ System
The iResearch System is a fast, chemical substructure and similarity search application for searching ChemNavigatorís iResearchô Library, the most comprehensive and up-to-date chemical structure database of screening compound and discovery chemistry offerings from chemistry suppliers worldwide. The iResearch System also provides search access to ChemNavigatorís other chemical structure databases. Scientists in medicinal chemistry, screening, lead generation, and computational chemistry can use the iResearch System to search all discovery chemistry offerings through a single application.

The iResearch System is available through an annual subscription.

  • Use the iResearch System to perform structure searches for compounds for SAR, lead expansion, and hit follow-up projects

  • Identify primary and alternate supplier sources for structures of interest

  • Search ChemNavigator Content databases, such as our FDA Active Ingredient structure database


  • Frequent updating of iResearch Library data provides the most current view of discovery chemistry offerings
  • Use Database, Chemistry, and Business Rules to define the subset of offerings you want to search.

  • Download search results for import into your standard chemical structure database or chemical structure spreadsheet application

  • Use popular desktop chemical editing software such as MDL ISIS or CambridgeSoft ChemDraw to sketch chemical queries and use them in the system.

  • Access to optional Chemistry Procurement Service for facilitating ordering, tracking, and fulfillment of compounds

More information about the iResearch System
The following links contain more information about aspects of the iResearch system, Please email us if you require further information.

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