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Welcome to ChemNavigator's product download area. This is the main page for downloading ChemNavigator software products and demonstration files. Most ChemNavigator software will not work without a license file, which may be requested from Downloading of any of these programs is only permitted for use under a current and valid ChemNavigator license agreement. For evaluation purposes, the downloading of any of these programs implies acceptance of the ChemNavigator Software License Agreement.

All products are included in a single, downloadable installation, and access to each individual product is controlled by specific licenses.

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All chemNavigator Tools - each tool requires a separate license

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CncConnect v5.65
Allows access from the command line or from 3rd party programs to the iResearch System for searching and compound lookup . Users must have an iResearch System account.
3DPL v4.60
Provides fast, effective identification of targeted molecules.
CncTranslate v7.05
CncTranslate is used to perform file conversion among many chemical structure file formats and to calculate properties on chemical structure databases.
CncMCS v2.78
CncMCS is a software program designed to rapidly identify the maximum common chemical substructure, or common core, contained within as series of chemical structures.
CncDiverse v2.60
CncDiverse is a software tool for the selection of diverse chemical libraries from within a database of chemical structures.

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