iResearch™ Library
The iResearch Library is ChemNavigator's up-to-date compilation of commercially accessible screening compounds from international chemistry suppliers. The database currently tracks over 160 million chemical samples. Database licenses include access to regular updates, sourcing information, and ChemNavigator's optional Chemistry Procurement Service. The database may be licensed on CD/DVD ROM or accessed through an on-line iResearch System subscription.

Sample Growth
Over the past 2 years the number of chemical samples registered into the iResearch Library has grown to over 160 Million chemical samples.

Update Frequency
The iResearch Library is updated on a weekly basis. We process over 1 million sample record updates per month to provide our clients the most comprehensive and up-to-date view of chemistry for drug discovery.

The iResearch Library structures can be used in drug discovery to:
  • Create internal screening libraries containing commercially accessible compounds
  • Develop exploratory (diverse) and targeted libraries
  • Select commercially accessible compounds for SAR, lead expansion, and hit follow-up projects
  • Use structures for pharmacophore searching, virtual screening and other computational work
  • 2-D structures in SD, SMILES, or SLN file format; 3-D coordinates in SD, SLN, or MOL2 format
  • Available on CD/DVD ROM or via the on-line iResearch System
Dynamic Data
Licensing the Library with our update service alleviates the need to aggregate and keep up to date information about which screening compounds are available from worldwide chemistry sources. Or, couple the Library with your internal registration system or specialty-suppliers database to provide your research organization with the broadest access to compounds and structures.

Our Suppliers
ChemNavigator maintains active relationships with our suppliers to keep the Library as up to date as possible. We have a range of suppliers, from small laboratories that provide novel compounds, to large reagent suppliers, and we are continually adding new suppliers.

Chemistry Procurement Service
When you license the Library you also receive a Library Source account in our iResearch System. If you are interested in outsourcing the purchase of the compounds found within the iResearch Library, use this account to create a list and request a quote. ChemNavigator can complete the entire procurement process and relieve you of the burden of compound ordering, tracking and fulfillment so you can concentrate on discovering drugs faster.

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iResearch Library Facts
Over 160 million chemical structures (over 85 million unique)

More than 240 chemistry suppliers represented

Database represents current view of commercial compounds

Chemical suppliers, Looking to grow your chemistry business? Over 30 commercial pharmaceutical research organizations use the iResearch Library to identify chemistry for their research programs.

Read more about the ChemNavigator suppliers.

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