CncConnect™ - Compound Search & Procurement Tool
CncConnect Interface Picture CncConnect is the newest of ChemNavigator's software tools. This software is provided free with a subscription to the iResearch Library and is accessible after registration of the iResearch System.

ChemNavigator is providing this software to their clients because as the iResearch Library continues to expand, the supplier sourcing table has become very large and now includes over 37 million chemical products.

CncConnect allows ID and structure look ups in the on-line iResearch Library, and can perform substructure and similarity structure searches on entire lists of compounds. The resultant list is a blueprint for acquisition of samples for the selected compounds. CncConnect allows the user to specify priorities for suppliers and to hand-pick the compounds to acquire.

CncConnect provides desktop access to iResearch System batch searching
CncConnect is a new software tool supported in Windows and Linux. You can use CncConnect to issue batch queries to the on-line iResearch System. CncConnect supports the use of SD, SLN, and ID Number files as input queries. Output may be formatted as SD, SLN, ID lists, and Excel file types.

Preform batch structure searches
You can use CncConnect to perform queries on thousands of molecules in one process. The results are delivered interactively back to your computer system. CncConnect Interface Picture The network connection uses HTTPS encrypted communication and no web browser is required.

Generate prioritized supplier source lists
Another key feature of CncConnect is the ability to generate prioritized supplier lists for chemical procurement. You can submit an SD file to the system and receive back a prioritized supplier list in Microsoft Excel(TM) format that represents the most efficient strategy for purchase of those substances that are currently available. You can also request a summary of all suppliers for each sample in your list as well.

User Interface Options
CncConnect provides a simple user interface for Windows Users. The program also provides a full command line interface for easy integrating with other programs.

CncConnect Highlights
Download CncConnect and try it.

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