December 17, 2001

San Diego, CA - ChemNavigator, a cheminformatics company, announced today that its iResearch™ System will incorporate CambridgeSoft's ChemACX database of nearly 200,000 reagents, significantly increasing the range of chemistry available to drug discovery researchers.

ChemNavigator's iResearch™ System is a proprietary search and comparison system that allows users to create a chemistry space, based on business and chemistry rules, that is specific to a project. The iResearch System provides researchers with the ability to populate the project chemistry space with compounds and related scientific data, specific to a particular project, which is automatically updated as the data landscape changes with the life of the project.

Providing access to reagents from the ChemACX database in addition to the iResearch System Library's 2.2 million drug-like compounds represents the latest evolution of ChemNavigator's growing suite of products and services. With the fastest search technology in the industry, the iResearch System allows clients to quickly search the newly included reagents and offers the flexibility to view the details of multiple search results, sorted and grouped in various ways, using relevant criteria. The System also adds valuable links to external scientific data such as patents, toxicology results, government studies, ligand binding data, and known drugs related to the reagents.

"Offering the ChemACX database coupled with our iResearch System Library provides our clients with the ability to not only access drug-like compounds, but also gives them access to building blocks from some of the industry's most respected suppliers," said Scott Hutton, president and CEO of ChemNavigator. "Offering the ChemACX to our clients enhances our ability to provide the most comprehensive, up-to-date view on available chemistry."

"Our agreement with ChemNavigator makes the ChemACX part of a powerful tool for drug discovery and one that will be increasingly important for researchers," said Dr. Richard Morris, president, e-commerce of "ChemNavigator's growing business relationships with companies involved in drug discovery puts our database of reagents in the hands of scientists who will use them to develop treatments for diseases."

When a client licenses the iResearch System Library or joins as a member of the iResearch System they have the option of licensing the ChemACX database, as a partner catalog, for an additional annual fee. Clients will have the choice of ordering the reagents through ChemNavigator's compound procurement service or directly from the supplier.

The ChemACX database is a comprehensive source of available reagents. CambridgeSoft has compiled an on-line catalog containing the most up to date product information from over 200 of the top chemical suppliers such as Aldrich, Fisher, ACROS, Lancaster, Maybridge and others serving the research community. All data available in each catalog is faithfully reproduced, including detailed chemical structures and materials safety information.

About ChemNavigator, Inc.
ChemNavigator is bringing order to the world of chemical information through its powerful cheminformatics technology. The company's proprietary iResearch System is the fastest and most comprehensive chemical-structure-based search and comparison system in the world. ChemNavigator also aggregates and manages more than two million chemical-structure records through its iResearch System Library of commercially accessible compounds, and its ChemGuide™ databases of scientific information.

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