September 20, 2001

World's Largest Collection of Accessible Drug-Like Compounds Doubled in Size in One Year

SAN DIEGO, CA - ChemNavigator, the cheminformatics company whose chemical-data management products expedite drug discovery, today announced its iResearch™ System Library now exceeds two million drug-like compounds, constituting a significant resource for life science researchers and further widening the company's competitive lead.

The iResearch System Library is the world's largest database of commercially accessible, drug-like screening compounds. Life science organizations worldwide use the library as a "probe" to quickly and efficiently identify promising new directions for drug discovery research. ChemNavigator further reduces the time-consuming drug discovery process by procuring the compounds in its library through its international supplier network.

"The huge number of compounds in the iResearch System Library, combined with our automated chemical-data management tools and the integration of scientific knowledge on compounds, eases the task of drug discovery," stated Scott Hutton, president and CEO. "The size of the library has doubled in the last year and this growth includes compounds from established industry leaders such as SPECS and BioSPECS, as well as novel compounds from small research labs around the world. The diversity of the library is second to none."

Earlier this month, ChemNavigator announced that through a partnership with Structural Bioinformatics, Inc., the three-dimensional version of the library can be screened in silico against SBI's more than 2600 3-D protein targets to identify active compounds.

ChemNavigator's library is available through several business models, including custom library design projects, and one-time or yearly subscriptions.

About ChemNavigator, Inc.
ChemNavigator is bringing order to the world of chemical information through its powerful cheminformatics technology. The company's proprietary iResearch System is the fastest and most comprehensive chemical-structure-based search and comparison system in the world. ChemNavigator's technology is easily adapted to proprietary, customized applications behind a client's firewall to design custom information-biased libraries.

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