April 02, 2001

iResearch System is the Largest Repository of Research Data Linked by Chemical Similarity

SAN DIEGO, Calif. - ChemNavigator, the company that built the first Internet hub of chemistry resources to streamline drug discovery, today announced that it has expanded its iResearch System to automatically cross-reference Approved Drug Products data from the FDA's Orange Book.

The latest addition to the growing iResearch System significantly broadens the supporting information provided to members who search the 1.2 million compounds available through ChemNavigator's global network of suppliers.

"ChemNavigator is bringing order to the world of chemical information," said Scott Hutton, president and CEO of ChemNavigator. "The iResearch System presents researchers with data on chemistry that is relevant to their work but difficult to find. Adding the Orange Book data sheds more light on the researcher's specific chemical area of interest."

The iResearch System utilizes proprietary technology based on chemical structure to match compounds, which fall within a similarity criterion of 85 percent, with therapeutic patents from the Current Drugs' Investigational Drugs database and cancer-screening data from the National Cancer Institute, in addition to the FDA Orange Book.

The data now available from the FDA Orange Book tells researchers when U.S. patents on compounds will expire and which FDA-approved drugs contain the same active ingredients.

"When a researcher conducts a chemical search of the iResearch System, he is alerted when a compound that he can buy is similar to, or the same as, the active ingredient of a FDA-approved drug", said Tad Hurst, Ph.D., Chief Technical Officer. "We present him a link to the FDA site where he can see a list of drugs, the company who has created them, and information about the patent or exclusivity status of the compound. This is a very powerful addition to the system."

The iResearch System is the largest repository of data linked by chemical similarity and ChemNavigator's proprietary search technology is the fastest in the industry, capable of scanning millions of records in just seconds.

ChemNavigator's Fuzzy Chemical Similarity Join technology is the foundation for a suite of services that acts as a virtual assistant for members. While basic compound searching is available for free, life scientists opting for one of the paid membership plans have ChemNavigator's Chemistry Alert Agent, at their disposal. The Chemistry Alert Agent automatically and continuously searches for new, hard-to-find compounds related to a user's area of research, sending an e-mail alert as new compounds become available.

About ChemNavigator
ChemNavigator has built an Internet hub of cheminformatics resources to streamline drug discovery. Scientists use ChemNavigator's secure iResearch System to search the largest collection of commercially available drug-like compounds and to make purchases from a global network of suppliers. The company's proprietary technology scans over a million records based on chemical structure in seconds and cross-indexes compounds with supporting data, such as FDA filings, therapeutic patents and toxicology reports. ChemNavigator's growing suite of services acts as a virtual assistant to help navigate through the increasingly complicated world of chemical information.

ChemNavigator offers personal and corporate membership plans. Cost for the new plans start at $1,000 annually for a personal membership. Customized corporate memberships also are available that include advanced cheminformatics features that allow an organization to easily integrate their scientists' use of the iResearch System with their own in-house proprietary chemical data. For example, corporate members can download selected portions of ChemNavigator's comprehensive chemical structure data files in order to compare them to their corporate in-house compound collection.

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