February 6, 2001

SAN DIEGO, Calif. - Scott Hutton has been named CEO for ChemNavigator, effective immediately. Hutton, 39, has served as president of ChemNavigator, which has built an Internet hub of cheminformatics resources to streamline drug discovery, since its founding in 1999.

"Scott's ability to lead has been at the heart of the team's strength since day one," said Arena Pharmaceuticals CEO, Jack Lief, who is passing the position of ChemNavigator CEO on to Hutton, while remaining chairman of the board of directors. "This skill, combined with his focused business strategy, makes Scott a tremendous asset and the natural choice to head the company."

Hutton, who founded ChemNavigator with Lief and chief technical officer, Tad Hurst, in 1999, has managed day-to-day operations and implemented business plans as president of the company since its conception. In addition to CEO, Hutton will retain the title of president of ChemNavigator.

Prior to co-founding ChemNavigator, Hutton served as vice president of marketing for Arena Pharmaceuticals, Inc., where he helped develop the Fuzzy Similarity Join technology that has become the base for ChemNavigator's technology platform. From 1989 through 1998, Hutton served in several senior-level management positions at Tripos, Inc., a discovery research organization that develops and distributes chemical structure analysis software and chemical libraries to the life sciences industry. Prior to that, Hutton served as a synthetic chemist at Monsanto Company. He graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Chemistry from the University of Missouri.

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ChemNavigator has built an Internet hub of cheminformatics resources to streamline drug discovery. Scientists use ChemNavigator's secure iResearch System to search the largest collection of commercially available drug-like compounds and to make purchases from a global network of suppliers. The company's proprietary technology scans over a million records based on chemical structure in seconds and cross-indexes compounds with supporting data, such as FDA filings, therapeutic patents and toxicology reports. ChemNavigator's growing suite of services acts as a virtual assistant to help navigate through the increasingly complicated world of chemical information.

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