ChemNavigator Newsletter - November 2009
iResearch™ Library Exceeds 95 Million Products
(59.3 Million Unique Structures)

As of the October 2009 release, the iResearch Library now covers more than 95 million chemical products provided by over 300 registered Supplier Partners.
Historical Processing Chart

Total Samples: 95,087,489
New Sample Records added: 13,744,727
Sample Records deleted: 1,680,688

ChemNavigator would like to thank our registered Supplier Partners for participating in the iResearch Library sourcing system. With your help, we are providing the most comprehensive chemistry sourcing solution for life science researchers around the world.

New CncConnect Features Release November 13, 2009
CncConnect is a part of ChemNavigator's suite of software applications included in the ChemNavTools software packge. These software applications can be used for Virtual Screening, Batch Searching, Chemical Data Management and Compound Acquisition. The tools included in the package are designed to interact with the iResearch Library (over 95 million chemical samples) directly from your desktop.

We appreciate user input, and have released new CncConnect features, based on our users requests.

Excel Output with SMILES and/or SLN
Now the Excel output function has the capability to export SMILES and or SLN information in their own separate column. This can be used for converting input files or saving your output files in a preferred format.

Selected Structures Option for Excel Output
When exporting information into Excel, you can consolidate the output by selecting the option to view only the selected structures from your CON file. Please note this is nt the default option.

Define Proxy Script for All Users of a Machine
Don't know what this means.

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