ChemNavigator Newsletter - August 2009
Dear ChemNavigator Newsletter Subscribers,

On behalf of all of us at ChemNavigator I would like to thank you for working with our company and clients over the past years. I am writing to alert you to some positive news at ChemNavigator.

As of August 6th, 2009 ChemNavigator has become part of St. Louis based Sigma-Aldrich Corporation. We are excited about this new opportunity for our iResearch Library Supplier Partners and Subscribers.

You can learn more by reading the press release at:

We believe our new position within Sigma-Aldrich will allow us to better serve our customers through improved products and services. We look forward to continuing our business relationship with you. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.


Scott Hutton
Director of Sales
ChemNavigator, Inc.
Tel +858-798-1150
Fax +858-798-1092

CncConnect Training Demos Available Online
ChemNavigator subscribers now have access to CncConnect training demos through their online iResearch System Account. From your online iResearch System account, use the navigation bar on the left, to go to "ChemNavTools" -> "Interactive Product Demos." These training demos allow users easy access to learning the basic functionality of the CncConnect application.

Please visit the Interactive Product Demo page often, as more product demos will become available in the future.

For the latest products, please visit the Product Downloads page.

iResearch™ Library Exceeds 83 Million Products
(50.7 Million Unique Structures)

As of the July 2009 release, the iResearch Library now covers more than 83 million chemical products provided by over 300 registered Supplier Partners.
Historical Processing Chart

Total Samples: 83,023,450
New Sample Records added: 24,397,516
Sample Records deleted: 1,528,484

ChemNavigator would like to thank our registered Supplier Partners for participating in the iResearch Library sourcing system. With your help, we are providing the most comprehensive chemistry sourcing solution for life science researchers around the world.

New ChemNavTools Features
ChemNavTools provides researchers with a suite of software applications for Virtual Screening, Batch Searching, Chemical Data Management and Compound Acquisition. The tools included in the package are designed to interact with the iResearch Library (over 83 million chemical samples) directly from your desktop.

We appreciate user input, and have released 2 new ChemNavTools features, based on our users requests.

CncConnect: Keyword Searching
The CncConnect batch searching technology has expanded beyond simple ID searching and now covers keyword (text) searching. You may now search for samples by entering/pasting/uploading a list of keywords such as chemical names (e.g. "Tylenol"), industry standard identifiers, activity keywords (e.g. "kinase inhibitor"), and many more.

CncTranslate: Complete coverage of complex SD files
With just a right click of your mouse, CncTranslate can convert files between SD files, SMILES, Excel, SLN, SLN3D, MOL2, PNG and PDB formats. Users have presented SDF files that contain extended lists and 3D models embedded within the attributes of the data field. Now CncTranslate has the ability to parse these attribute fields and process the data as required.

This new feature allows users to upload complex SD files generated from other systems, directly into CncConnect to find and select supplier sources.

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