ChemNavigator Newsletter - May 2009
What's new in the iResearch System?
ChemNavigator continually adds new features based upon requests from the scientists and purchasing professionals who use the iResearch System. Here are some of the new features:

Price & Packaging Data Now Available
  • iResearch Subscribers now have access to Supplier price & package data for over 1.2 million unique products in the iResearch Library. This includes over 5.6 million price records. When you find your chemicals of interest, use the Samples Details link for price and package data.
New Filtering by Supplier and Product Line Tools
  • Limit which suppliers and product lines are enabled in your online searching of the iResearch Library by navigating to the new "Supplier Prefs" link.
  • Select suppliers by name
  • Select product collections by descriptive keywords such as "kinase" or "GPCR".
New Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients Collection
  • Now you can easily identify active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) suppliers and their related products.
Custom Chemistry Request System
  • With the help of funding through the US National Institutes of Health (NIH) ChemNavigator has developed a custom chemistry request system that complements the iResearch Library. If you can't find the chemistry you are looking for, let ChemNavigator have your samples made on a custom basis.
Please contact if you would like the custom chemistry (SCSORS) option activated in your account.

Don't have a chemical structure? No problem - use the new fast keyword search capability in your online account.
The iResearch System text search tool has a new speed boost. Now you can search over 70 million text descriptors for chemical structures of interest.

Some common keyword queries are:
    Common drug names
    Industry identifiers (CAS, MDL, ENICS numbers, etc.)
    PDB target codes
    IUPAC chemical names
    Common chemical names
    …and many more.
Try it today! Browse to Search >> Keyword Search

iResearch™ Library Exceeds 60 Million Products
(28.5 Million Unique Structures)!

As of the April 2009 release, the iResearch Library now covers more than 60 million chemical products provided by over 280 registered Supplier Partners. Historical Processing Chart

In addition, the iResearch System now offers access to over 250 additional custom chemistry providers with expertise in synthetic medicinal chemistry.

ChemNavigator would like to thank our registered Supplier Partners for participating in the iResearch Library sourcing system. With your help, we are providing the most comprehensive chemistry sourcing solution for life science researchers around the world.

Total Samples: 60,154,418
New Sample Records added: 4,519,569
Sample Records deleted: 762,782

This release includes: 28 new suppliers

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