ChemNavigator New Feature Training Newsflash
April 2009
New iResearch System and CncConnect Features
for NIH and MLSCN Affiliates

Learn about the new features offered in your online iResearch System Account and with CncConnect, one of ChemNavigator's top software tools for chemical structure batch searching, by attending our free training seminar via WebEx.

The next training session will be on Wednesday, April 22, 2009 at
8 am
Pacific Standard Time (11 am EST).

The goal of this training session is to provide the NIH and MLSCN affiliates an overview of using the CncConnect Batch Search Tool with their iResearch System Account. This presentation will also cover the new features available with CncConnect and the iResearch System.

Please follow the link below to register:
FREE CncConnect WebEx Training Session
Session Agenda:
- Profile of iResearch Library
- Review new iResearch System Account Features
o Key Word Searching
o Select Preferred Suppliers
o Price and Packaging
- Overview of CncConnect Batch Search Tools
o Chemical Structure File Preparation
o Search Options
o A Search Example
- Review new CncConnect Features
o Chemical Attributes
o Manipulating Larger Data Sets
- Overview of CncConnect Supplier Selection Tools
o Supplier Selection
o Sample Procurement List Generation
- Question/Answer

New Features Offered in iResearch System Accounts and in CncConnect Software

The iResearch System Accounts include several new features. These include, faster Key Word Text searching, new supplier selection tools, new private libraries for sale, and finally detailed price and packaging data is now available for over 1 million products.

CncConnect now allows users to employ chemical property filters and business rule filters in their batch searching. The program also has improved tools for managing larger search result sets.

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Technical Requirements
These sessions will be offered through a web browser based presentation system hosted by WebEx. In order to participate in the course your computer must have access to the internet and support sound. The web session will start 15 minutes early in order to allow users to log on and test their computer system. For more information on getting started and technical support, please see the Set UP and Assistance links on the WebEx Meeting Center page at:

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