About ChemNavigator
At ChemNavigator® we help research organizations identify and procure the chemistry they need for drug discovery and agrochemical research.

We serve researchers in medicinal, computational, and synthetic chemistry as well as chemical procurement professionals by providing products and services to help select and purchase novel chemical products used in research.

The iResearch Library™ tracks over 91.5 million chemical products. These range from drug-like compounds for testing in molecular screening to synthetic building blocks for use in chemical synthesis. You can rapidly explore a research hypothesis by purchasing existing chemical samples for testing rather than taking months to synthesize compounds in-house. You can easily identify new sources of chemistry and expand your research effort beyond your corporate chemical library.

Our Chemistry Procurement Service provides a cost effective strategy for research organizations to procure one to thousands of novel chemical samples and products for use in research programs. Our service allows you to focus on your research and core activities by outsourcing costly and time-consuming compound purchasing projects involving many suppliers.

Selecting the right compounds and chemistry requires the right tools. We provide software tools to help you manage your chemical database and select novel compounds for testing. Our software tools provide a range of functionality, from chemical structure management to virtual screening. We support both the Windows and Linux operating systems, and our tools may be easily integrated into your own research informatics systems.

Save time. Save money. With ChemNavigator you can discover faster.

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