The Rising Cost of Drug Discovery
The Rising Cost of Drug Discovery
The cost of discovery, development, and marketing of new drugs has increased dramatically. At 20% of revenue, over 30 billion dollars is spent annually on drug discovery and development. These funds are spent on a complex process that can span as much as 15 years and $800 million dollars for a single drug. New discoveries in genomics and proteomics provide ample opportunity for the discovery of new drug targets early in the process. However, the cost of pharmaceutical research and testing to exploit those new drug targets remains a roadblock in the introduction of new drug products.

ChemNavigator Improves Drug Discovery
ChemNavigator's business is lowering the cost and risk of drug discovery. We are developing new chemical data management and chemical structure analysis software (cheminformatics) technology that helps pharmaceutical researchers more cost effectively identify good potential drug compounds at a fraction of the cost of traditional pharmaceutical research.

The highlighted steps in the drug discovery process outlined above represent steps where ChemNavigator has developed new proprietary software technology to reduce costs and improve the likelihood of success in drug discovery.

We offer access to our technology through software and database products as well as drug discovery services in the area of virtual screening.

Products & Services
We provide our customers with database products that allow them to track the world's growing supply of chemistry for drug discovery. We provide services to help our customers cost effectively procure chemicals and use them in drug discovery.

Virtual Screening Collaborations & Technologies
We provide our research partners a strategy to cost effectively screen in silico over 91.5 million drug-like samples for their research programs. Learn more about the Virtual Screening Collaborations and Technologies.

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